Sunday, July 09, 2006

Youth scum (partII)

I recently saw an article (titled youth scum) - and felt obliged to have my own say on this.

It's true - as each generation seems to pass, the up and coming one seems to have regressed.
Sometimes I feel that if you took the hoods, phones and shit pimped-up cars away from these people, that they'd be nothing more than lawless peasants, or savages (at best)

Why can't our children be taught the absolute basics of good manners?
You know, if I hold a door for someone, 50% of the time I don't get a thankyou, and sometimes people look at you strangely, like it's not a cool thing to do.............

Britain's youth IS ignorant (in the main) - there also seems to be an edge of 'in-breeding' about these types too.....or at least in-bred morality, if anything.

I don't have children, and feel desperately sorry for kids who will be around in 20 years time.

Britain (or certain parts of it) may well become a confused, ill-managed, multiracial cess-pit, if we don't do something about it.

BUT - I speak to most people about it, and they've really just given up, and say 'there's nothing you can do'